Product List

Product Packers and Tools: 

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‘ETI-FH’ and ‘ETI-FHL’ Hydrostatic/Hydraulic
‘ETI-DLH’ Hydraulic Packer
‘ETI-R3’ Double Grip Retrievable
‘ETI-A2’ Mechanical Double Grip
‘ETI-1X’ Mechanical Set Retrievable
‘ETI-AR1’ Snap-Set Compression
‘ETI-AD1’ and ‘ETI-ADL1’ Tension
‘ETI-G’ Setdown Retrievable
‘ETI-SL’ Shear Tension
‘ETI-B’ Tubing Anchor Catcher
‘ETI-TM’ Anchor Catcher
ETI-FL’ On/Off Tool
‘ETI-T-2 On/Off Tool
‘ETI-L’ Sliding Sleeve
‘ETI-XO’ and ‘ETI-XA’ Sliding Sleeves
Landing Nipples

Service Tools:

‘ETI-CR’ Cement Retainers/Bridge Plugs

‘ETI-MST’ Mechanical Setting Tool
     Drag block style   Bow Spring 
‘ETI-AK’ Wireline Adapter Kit
‘ETI-SSA’ Stinger Seal Assembly
‘ETI-HM’ Hydro-Mech Bridge Plug
‘ETI-CS’ Compression Service Packer
“ETI-CPW’ Compression Service Packer
‘ETI-HD’ Compression Set Service Packer
‘ETI-32-A & SC’ Retrievable Cementer & Tension Unloader
‘ETI-A2HV’ Packer-type Bridge Plug
“ETI-ASBP’ Retrievable Bridge Plug & Running Tool
ETI-HV’ Equalizing Valve
‘ETI-WR’ Wireline Set, Retrievable Bridge Plug
 Casing Scraper

Repair Parts & Redress Kits for most OEM packers

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